Why even your start-up should be concerned about ransomware – and how you can stay safe

Starting and growing a small business is never easy, as you juggle a wide range of requirements and tasks that are all vital to success.

However, no matter the size of your business, you should always be sure to remember the importance of cybersecurity. Criminals often look to target SMBs and start-ups that may not have the highly developed IT departments and cybersecurity protection of larger firms, with smaller companies offering low-hanging fruit to target.

There’s no need to worry though, as we’ve listed some quick tips you and your business can quickly adopt in order to ensure you stay safe and protected online.

Digital Identity Protection

If you’re looking to boost your small business, the last thing you want is someone gaining access to your network and all your valuable business information.

Identity theft attempts are a common tactic from hackers looking to infiltrate start-ups and smaller firms, as they exploit any possible weakness or lack of coverage due to lower security budgets. All it takes is for one worker, or one email account to be compromised to put all of your hard work at risk, with data or monetary theft sadly commonplace in many attacks.

Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection, part of Bitdefender Premium Security Plus, keeps your business safe from data breaches, monitoring your data in real-time, even on the dark web, to check if your personal details are exposed. 

Boost privacy with a VPN

Allowing workers to stay connected to a workplace intranet or collaboration network, VPNs have become a vital business tool in recent years, offering a welcome security boost by keeping your online activity and location safe from any snooping.

In a crowded market, finding the right VPN can be tricky, so how about one that provides unlimited traffic alongside top-of-the-range security?

Bitdefender Premium Security Plus comes with the company’s Premium VPN tool, encrypting all your internet traffic, including downloads, passwords and banking information. What’s more, unlike some other providers, it includes unlimited encrypted traffic for your Windows, Android, macOS and iOS devices.  

Power up a Password Manager

We’re all juggling multiple accounts and devices these days, and remembering the right logins for each one can be challenging.

Utilising a password manager can be a huge help in boosting your workplace security, and also means you don’t get locked out of vital accounts such as banking or email, as well as having the ability to generate unique, hard-to-crack passwords for each account.

Bitdefender Premium Security Plus includes a comprehensive multiplatform password manager offering that is equipped with the strongest data security protocols, keeping all your most valuable accounts safe and sound. 

Secure all your devices

If you’re just starting a business, it’s more than likely that you’ll be working from a variety of locations, meaning you might have a number of devices being used.

This setup will probably be more than just a PC, with devices such as printers, smartphones, and even your internet router all connecting to the internet. However any of these can be weak spots when it comes to security, as potentially lower protections can allow hackers a simple entry route into your network.

Bitdefender Premium Security Plus can greatly help protect and secure all your home office devices, as the platform offers protection across Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, securing up to 10 devices per subscription, making sure your business remains safe against threats. 

For news on all the latest threats, you can also get real-time updates about malware outbreaks and scams on the Bitdefender Blog. 

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