Using Alternative Apps and Shared Albums Instead of Mainstream Social Media

Even before the recent TikTok bans and mental-health concerns from the surgeon general, public attitudes toward social media have evolved. Many people are moving to online communities on less-populated networks like Nextdoor to get away from the overload of influencers, advertisers, data-mining and political divisiveness that often dominate the larger mainstream platforms.

Facebook and other sites do offer the ability to make private groups. But if you’re looking for a change, you can set up your own personal ad-free space with an exclusive membership elsewhere. Here’s what you can do.

Before you make the leap to your own micro-social network, think about what you want it to be. Does your group mostly post photos, or are you looking for a place to share status updates, pictures, videos and links? And how will people log in — iPhones, Android phones, tablets or desktop browsers?

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