The Last Faith is like a 2D Bloodborne with all the blood, guts and goth

The Last Faith just got a new trailer and it looks like a brilliant mash-up of Bloodborne and Blasphemous. I, for one, couldn’t ask for more. 

Kumi Souls Games came out swinging at the Future Games Show Summer Showcase as it release another trailer for the 2D Souls-like dark fantasy game, The Last Faith. The minute-and-a-half trailer depicted stunning visuals, thrilling fights, and various fiery maps that players will be able to enjoy. 

The various maps range from bloody to frosty with more than just enemies to fight against, there’s plenty of obstacles for you to get your head around. The combat looks merciless as you tear opponents limb from limb and precise, meaning that one misclick may mean the end of your run.

Melee weapons, firearms and spells will arm The Last Faith’s mysterious protagonist as you battle ghoulish enemies, in a dark fantasy setting that looks like something straight out of Bloodborne, while the 2D animation and fighting style mirrors the indie cult classic Blasphemous. Personally, I still haven’t given up on seeing a Bloodborne remake, this 2D variant may be enough to satiate my hunger for dark fantasy content for now. 

The Last Faith has a release window of October 2023 and will be available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, but for those who can’t wait until then beta sign-ups are open now on the website, or you can check out our best RPGs. 

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