The Google Pixel 8 may copy a key feature from the Samsung Galaxy S23

We think that the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are going to show up around October time, and the latest rumor suggests they’ll come equipped with a useful productivity feature – one that flagship Samsung Galaxy phones already offer.

A source speaking to Android Authority says that the Pixel 8 phones are going to offer USB DisplayPort alternate mode. That means that the USB-C port at the bottom could be used to output video to a monitor, as well as for charging and data transfer.

So what would that functionality be used for? One possibility is that you’d be able to get the Pixel 8 interface up on a big screen and use it a bit like a desktop computer – and code to support this has already been spotted in Android 13 and Android 14.

It’s something you can already do on phones like the Samsung Galaxy S23: it’s a feature called Samsung DeX, and it means you’re able to control the handset on a monitor, with a keyboard and mouse attached.

Pocket PC

While it’s certainly not for everyone, having a desktop mode available on a phone makes it even more versatile. Think about typing out an essay in a word processing app for example, or being able to review photos and videos on a much larger screen.

With the power that’s built into modern day flagship phones, it essentially means you’ve got a little PC in your pocket – and while not every app will scale up to make full use of the bigger display, a lot of them now can.

Bear in mind that this is all guesswork at the moment, albeit educated guesswork. Another possibility is that the new video out feature will simply let you watch movies and shows on a monitor while still controlling them on your Pixel 8.

We’ve already seen some of the colors that the Google Pixel 8 could appear in, and we’re expecting boosts in gaming and AI performance as well. It also sounds like there will be significant camera upgrades over the Pixel 7 phones launched last year.

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