SteamWorld Build’s new trailer shows off more of the intricate mining planet

The new trailer for SteamWorld Build gives us even more to look forward to with new areas, builds, and characters. 

We’ve been looking forward to this city-builder strategy game for a while now so getting to see even more of what Thunderful Publishing has in store for us in SteamWorld Build was a delight. 

The steampunk-western game had its new trailer shown at the Future Games Show Summer Showcase and this time we got to see even more of the bustling cities and quaint mining towns found on this alien planet. There are Ferris Wheels, steam trains, drive-in cinemas, and importantly complex mines full of precious jewels and creepy creatures.

In SteamWorld Build you play as an architect of a mining town who must dig deep into the core of a dying world to extract key minerals and ancient tech which holds the key to escaping the planet and its impending doom. Raise houses for your citizens, keep them fed, and provide at least a little entertainment so the steambots can storm full speed ahead and discover all the undiscovered treasures this world has to offer. 

SteamWorld Build looks like it’ll be an excellent addition to our best PC strategy games list when it releases later this year on Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. 

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