Samsung updates its TVs and monitors to help those dealing with color blindness

Samsung is currently rolling out a software update that will introduce a SeeColors mode to all of its 2023 TVs and monitors. 

Through this new accessibility feature, the tech giant is adding “various color settings” to help people dealing with color vision deficiency (CVD) – more commonly referred to as color blindness.

The company states “SeeColors mode provides nine [different] picture presets” giving people a way to adjust the “red, green, and blue levels” in a picture to something more “suitable for them.” That way, users will be able to more “easily distinguish [on-screen] colors… depending on their degree or type of CVD.” SeeColors existed prior to this as a standalone app for Samsung TVs. Now, the mode will be more widespread and easier to access. Once you get the update, you can find the tool integrated into your display’s accessibility menus. 

It’s also important to mention Samsung does not recommend using the mode to help diagnose or treat any kind of medical problem. It’s solely meant to be a tool to help people already diagnosed and dealing with CVD.

(Image credit: Samsung)

Future updates

A full list of devices supporting SeeColors isn’t available, but the announcement does mention a few like the massive Odyssey OLED G95SC and the recent additions to the Smart Monitor series. We asked Samsung if it has plans to expand the mode to older displays and if Galaxy phones will get a similar upgrade. Sure, you can download SeeColors from the Google Play Store, but what about adding it as a native feature? This story will be updated at a later time.

It is great to see Samsung join the likes of other tech giants in improving the accessibility of their products to order to help people lead better lives. Later this year, Apple will launch Personal Voice for creating a synthesized voice aimed at helping people “who are losing their voice due to motor or cognitive impairment.” Google, very recently, revealed it’s going to be adding Optical Character Recognition tech to its Chrome browser to read out PDFs. Microsoft, however, went the hardware route with its Adaptive Accessories.

If you’re interested in SeeColors mode, you’re going to need an appropriate TV. Be sure to check TechRadar’s list of the best Samsung TVs for 2023. 

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