Netflix and Apple TV Plus just renewed two of their biggest hit TV shows

When it comes to the best streaming services’ TV shows, I have a fear of commitment. I’ve seen too many shows canceled just as I was getting into them, which is why I’m pretty wary of committing to a new show in its first season. So it’s nice to have some good news for a change: both Netflix and Apple TV Plus have renewed some of their best shows for a second season.

First up, there’s Silo on Apple TV Plus, which is turning into quite the sci-fi TV show utopia. The first season hasn’t finished streaming yet – the next episode which is called ‘Hanna’ goes live tomorrow (June 16) – but a second season has been commissioned. It’ll continue to tell the story of the mile-deep underground silo, the people in it and the mystery of who made it and what terrible apocalypse – if any – forced everyone underground.

“As audiences around the world have become gripped by the mysteries and conspiracies buried within this fascinating subterranean world, viewership only continues to climb, and we are so excited for more secrets of the silo to be revealed in season two,” Apple TV Plus’ head of programming Matt Cherniss said as part of the announcement.

I’ve just watched episode seven, which felt a lot less fun than the previous episodes in the series, so I’m really hoping that that one was just a blip. Because when Silo is good, it’s very, very good.

XO, Kitty is getting a second season too

Just one month after season one launched on Netflix, the streaming giant has commissioned a second season of XO, Kitty. Based on the young adult novels of Jenny Han, the show has already proved to be a big hit – it’s currently one of the most watched shows as Netflix viewers can’t get enough. 

The series, which is an American take on Korean romantic dramas and a spin-off from the popular To All The Boys, focuses on teenage matchmaker Kitty Song Covey, who doesn’t know as much about love as she thinks she does. It’s getting a great response. The Rotten Tomatoes rating is currently sitting at 82%, with critics praising it as sweet, charming and loveable show whose terrific cast more than compensate for the odd bit of clunky writing. Anna Cathcart, who plays the titular Kitty, is particularly great.

Writing in The Wrap, Kayleigh Donaldson says that: “You can see Han laying the groundwork for a richer, denser season two.” For now, we don’t have a release date or a trailer, but given the obvious love fans have for the show Netflix is unlikely to keep them waiting too long.

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