Microsoft Calls for AI Rules to Minimize Risks

Microsoft endorsed a crop of regulations for artificial intelligence on Thursday, as the company navigates concerns from governments around the world about the risks of the rapidly evolving technology.

Microsoft, which has promised to build artificial intelligence into many of its products, proposed regulations including a requirement that systems used in critical infrastructure can be fully turned off or slowed down, similar to an emergency braking system on a train. The company also called for laws to clarify when additional legal obligations apply to an A.I. system and for labels making it clear when an image or a video was produced by a computer.

“Companies need to step up,” Brad Smith, Microsoft’s president, said in an interview about the push for regulations. “Government needs to move faster.”

The call for regulations punctuates a boom in A.I., with the release of the ChatGPT chatbot in November spawning a wave of interest. Companies including Microsoft and Google’s parent, Alphabet, have since raced to incorporate the technology into their products. That has stoked concerns that the companies are sacrificing safety to reach the next big thing before their competitors.

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