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The Memorial Day mattress sales are as good as here, and our advice if you want a great price on a new bed is to buy now and beat the crowds. The Memorial Day sales are delivering some of the lowest prices on many of the best mattresses, and here’s where you can find all the top bargains.

Here at TechRadar we test mattresses on a daily basis as well as tracking all the mattress sales, which puts us in the perfect position to spot a good deal when we see one. And looking at this year’s Memorial Day mattress sales, we reckon there’s a lot here that’s worth your attention, and we’ve collected the best deals on this page.

Among the best early Memorial Day mattress deals you’ll find low prices from the likes of Saatva, Nectar, DreamCloud and Avocado, and it’s unlikely they’ll be any lower on Memorial Day itself. So if you’re set on buying a new mattress we’d suggest you do it in advance of Memorial Day; that way there’s less danger of the bed you want selling out or taking ages to arrive.

We’ll be updating this page with the latest deals as they happen, so whether you’re after a memory foam mattress, a hybrid, an organic mattress or even a mattress topper, you’ll be able to find what you need, fast.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about this year’s Memorial Day mattress sale, including details of last year’s best deals to give you an idea of the savings you can expect this month.

The best early Memorial Day mattress deals

Memorial Day mattress sales: memory foam

Memorial Day mattress sales: hybrids

Memorial Day mattress sales: organic

Memorial Day mattress sales: mattress toppers

When is Memorial Day 2023?

Memorial Day happens on the last Monday in May, so Memorial Day 2023 will roll around on Monday 29 May. It’s a bank holiday and a federal holiday, and many retailers – both online and in-store – take the opportunity to launch sales that can save you money on a wide range of products – including mattresses.

What are the Memorial Day mattress sales?

While many mattress companies have sales running most of the year – which effectively means that their sale pricing is their standard pricing – they also tend to get involved in the big annual sales events such as Presidents’ Day, Labor Day and Memorial day, and break out bigger discounts than you’ll see the rest of the year.

Those savings aren’t always the same though – some brands and retailers offer either money off or free bedding, while others offer both. The latter are usually the best deals for sheer value for money, depending on the cost of the bed you are looking at.

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Is Memorial Day a good time to buy a mattress?

We’ve tracked mattress deals and sales for a good few years, and we’ve pinpointed the best times of year to pick up your perfect mattress for the least money. The Black Friday mattress deals are usually where you’ll get the lowest mattress prices as well as free bedding gifts, and these roll over into Cyber Monday mattress deals. 

Beyond these events, the Presidents’ Day mattress sales in February and the Memorial Day mattress sales in May can be relied on to deliver prices that are almost as low. That’s partly because sleep brands tend to introduce new models in the spring, which means having to clear older stock; however our research and trend analysis of the past few years also indicates that prices tend to rise over the summer months before falling again in time for Labor Day in September. 

So if you want or need a new mattress and you’ve missed out on all the major shopping events so far, the 2023 Memorial Day mattress sales are your next big chance to save on better sleep.

Where to find the best Memorial Day mattress sales

If previous Memorial Day mattress sales are anything to go by, we’ll see all the leading mattress brands launching offers throughout May. Some of them will be worth grabbing, but others will be only slightly more generous than the evergreen deals many companies run most of the year.

So that you know whether you’re getting a good deal or not, we’ll be updating this 2023 Memorial Day mattress sales guide regularly and highlighting the deals that we believe are worth buying. We’ll keep you informed about:

The standard price (the MSRP)The sale priceHow much you’re savingHow this compares to regular deals from the brandAny free gifts you’re entitled to

One thing you really need to look out for when you buy a new mattress is a long trial period so that you can test it at home and return it if it doesn’t live up to expectations. On average it takes at least 30 nights to adjust to a new bed, and thankfully most brands give you much more than that; generally at least 100 nights. Most will allow you to return an unwanted mattress for free, but some will charge you; we’ll let you know if that’s the case.

Speaking of which, you should also check that the brand has published a clear returns policy on its website or has one available for you to read in-store, as you need to be aware of any small print. For example, some request that you use a mattress protector on your mattress during the trial period to keep it safe from spills and stains. If you don’t use one, you may not be able to return it if you change your mind. 

Brands and retailers we know and trust include Avocado Green, Casper, Cocoon by Sealy, DreamCloud, GhostBed, Helix Sleep, Leesa, Mattress Firm, Purple, Nectar Sleep, Saatva, and Tempur-Pedic, but there are plenty of others to consider on Memorial Day.

Are mattress toppers and bedding on sale too?

Yes, you can normally find a wide range of bedding in the Memorial Day mattress sale. Many of the best mattress toppers are discounted and these are an instant way to upgrade the comfort of your existing bed if you don’t have the budget for a new mattress.

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Other bedding you’ll find in the sales include bed sheets, mattress protectors, comforters, weighted blankets and some of the best pillows for comfier sleep. In recent years, we’ve seen brands and retailers bundle in some of these bedding items as free gifts when you purchase a mattress. Top brands for giving you free premium bedding include Awara, DreamCloud, Cocoon by Sealy, Helix Sleep, and Nectar Sleep.

The Memorial Day mattress sales are also a good time to nab bedding that isn’t normally discounted. For example, luxury sleep brand Saatva has been known to offer a sitewide discount ranging from 12-15%, and that can be used on its weighted blankets, pillows, toppers, sheets and more. That said, a recent Saatva mattress sale offered this exact same discount, so we’re hoping for a larger saving from the brand in May.

What to look for in a Memorial Day mattress sale

We’ve been reporting on Memorial Day mattress deals for a few years now, and there are two things in particular – in addition to free shipping – that we recommend you look for before spending a dime:

Why this is important: A risk-free trial means you can test out your new mattress for an agreed period of time (100 nights is the average). If you change your mind during the trial, you can contact the brand to arrange a collection of the mattress and a refund of your money. It’s common for brands to ask you to sleep on the mattress for 30 nights before asking for a refund, as this is the average time it takes to get used to a new bed. The risk-free part means you won’t be charged a fee for returns.

Why this is important: Trusted manufacturers always offer a warranty on their mattresses, and these range from 10 years to a Lifetime Warranty depending on what the mattress is made from and the brand you buy from. It isn’t enough for a brand to list that it offers a warranty – they should provide a breakdown of what that warranty does and doesn’t cover so that you know what to expect should you encounter issues such as premature sagging or loss of edge support.

Last year’s best Memorial Day mattress sales

Last year’s Memorial Day mattress sales saw impressive discounts on memory foam, hybrid and organic mattresses from all the leading sleep brands. Highlights included:

While many sleep brands have put prices up since last year, early indicators suggest that some of this year’s Memorial Day sales could bring prices down close to (and even lower than) last year’s deals. Watch this space as we’ll be bringing you the latest sales as they happen. 

early offers with our roundup of the best Memorial Day sales that are happening now. If you’re interested in other bargains, you can see the best Memorial Day appliance sales and the best Memorial Day TV sales.

Today’s best mattress deals

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