Many companies are still struggling with sustainability goals, and the C-suite may to blame

According to Intel, most businesses are still falling well short of reaching their sustainability goals, and it’s often because of their failure to adapt to newer technologies quickly enough.

The company’s study of more than 1,500 senior IT leaders, 250 CEOs, and 250 chief sustainability officers (CSOs), found a clear appetite for ‘tech zero’, which Intel defines are the reduction of an organization’s IT function carbon footprint.

Around four in five of the respondents believe that their company’s CTO has a vital role in achieving sustainability targets.

Technology will help us meet sustainability goals

In an effort to help put itself on the map in this area of companies’ decisions, Intel has put together an advisory board of tech and sustainability leaders. Together, they will guide organizations along their path to better sustainability by incorporating real-world business demands into their agenda.

The seven panel members include high-ranking representatives from companies like RedHat, Cisco, IBM, and Shell.

Intel corporate VP and digital transformation officer, Motti Finkelstein, said: “The new role of the sustainable CTO will play a crucial part in an organization’s transition to net zero, but CTOs can’t navigate the challenges they will face alone,” hinting at the company’s new initiative to help guide CTOs.

Citing a lack of knowledge, investment, and innovation as three limiting factors, Intel lined out four steps that should appear on every sustainable CTO’s roadmap to tech zero:

“Build skills to understand where to optimizeGet buy-in from the wider businessUnderstand the data and optimize existing infrastructurePlan for solution and software innovation”

With support from sectors including hyperscalers, financial services, healthcare, transportation, education, and retail, Intel hopes that more businesses can achieve their goals thanks to relatable, applicable guidance.

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