macOS Sonoma works on fewer Macs than ever – here’s what you need to run it

At WWDC 2023 today, Apple announced the new macOS Sonoma, the latest operating system for Mac devices. The new version of macOS is full of new, refreshing features that many Mac users are sure to love – if your device actually supports the update, that is.

MacOS Sonoma will be dropping support for 2017 models of the iMac and MacBook Pro, as well as the final 12-inch MacBook model. This might spell doom for users of these Macs, as Apple is somewhat notorious for cutting out compatibility and support for older devices as soon as new ones grace the stage. 

So, if you own any of the 2017 models mentioned above, you, unfortunately, won’t be able to join in on the fun of all the cool things this new update brings. It’s unclear whether any of the Sonoma features discussed at WWDC will crop up in older versions of macOS, but given Apple’s track record, we’d say it’s unlikely.

It’s getting tight for the remaining Intel models in the Mac product range, and as Apple shifts more and more of its focus towards machines running on its own M-series chips, we’re likely to see this lack of support expand in further updates. We wouldn’t be surprised if the next major edition of macOS ditches the Intel models entirely, so if you haven’t updated your hardware, it might be time to start looking at an M2 replacement.

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