Logitech’s new productivity-boosting MX mouse lets you work on any surface

Logitech is back with several new computer accessories aimed at the professional user to help improve workplace productivity.

Chief among them is the MX Anywhere 3S, a wireless mouse sporting a similar design as its predecessor, the Anywhere 3. Rather than changing how it looks, Logitech focused on improving the internal hardware by adding a new 8,000 DPI (dots per inch) optical sensor. According to the announcement, the upgraded sensor allows the Anywhere 3S to work “on virtually any surface”, most notably on glass. Optical mice typically don’t work well on glass surfaces since the laser goes through the material instead of reflecting back as it should. The fact that this device does work on glass makes it more versatile than the older model.

Speaking of improvements, the Anywhere 3S comes equipped with the company’s own Quiet Click technology to muffle button clicking. It’s a small change, but one your co-workers and cohabitators (hello, remote workers) will appreciate. Apart from these two inclusions, the Anywhere 3S shares a lot of the same features as the Anywhere 3, including compatibility with all major operating systems (OS) and a battery life of 70 days. We should mention there’s no accompanying dongle since it comes with Bluetooth already installed for “seamless connectivity” (it’s also one less thing to lose).

You can pre-order the MX Anywhere 3S right now for $79.99 USD in four different colors (Graphite, Pale Grey, Rose, and Black). In the UK and Australia, the mouse will retail for £89.99 and $139.95 AUD, respectively, in three individual colors (Black is omitted). The launch date is set for June 6.

Workplace keyboard

(Image credit: Logitech)

Alongside the Anywhere 3S, Logitech revealed the MX Keys S Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard. Quite the mouthful of a name, but it does hint at the main smart illumination feature. When the keyboard’s proximity sensors detect a pair of hands getting close, the keys automatically light up – useful when pulling an all-nighter. The brightness and duration of the backlights can be adjusted via the Logi Options Plus mobile app.

Other notable features include the Smart Actions to “automate repetitive tasks” via keyboard macros, plus a 10-day battery life with the backlights turned on. With the lights off, that battery can last you a whopping five months on a single charge. 

The MX Keys S is currently available for purchase internationally in three different forms. You have the standard keyboard in the same four colors mentioned earlier for $109.99 USD (£109.99/$229.95 AUD). Black remains exclusive to the United States. There’s the MX Keys Mini for $99.99 (£109.99/$179.95 AUD). This model is similar to the standard keyboard except it omits the number pad. Finally, you have the MX Keys S Combo which throws in an MX Master 3S mouse and Palm Rest. It retails for $199.99 (£199.99/$399.95 AUD).

If you want to further improve your workplace productivity, we recommend getting yourself a nice chair. After all, since you’re going to be spending most of your day sitting, you might as well be comfortable.

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