Leaked iPhone 15 Pro cases hint at new USB-C port, tweaked button layout

New iPhone 15 Pro case leaks purportedly show a number of differences between the upcoming phone and its predecessor: the iPhone 14 Pro. Apple is expected to release the iPhone 15 line of phones later this year, with rumored hardware tweaks aligning with these new case designs.

Images of what are said to be iPhone 15 Pro cases have leaked, and they show several design changes compared to the iPhone 14 Pro.

The case leaks originate from the Chinese social media site Weibo (via AppleInsider) and compare what’s said to be a case of the iPhone 15 Pro to a current iPhone 14 Pro case. The images highlight several differences between the phones, although they’re minor.

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(Image credit: UnclePan / Weibo)Leaked cases for an iPhone 15 Pro.(Image credit: UnclePan / Weibo)

First, the cutout for the mute switch on one of the 15 Pro cases shows significant changes, with a smaller element for what would be more of a mute button. Rumors suggest that Apple will adopt a capacitive key to replace the current mechanical sliding switch; similar to how it changed the home button on the iPhone 7 and 8 a few years ago. If this is indeed the case (although some have suggested that it might not be), it would follow that Apple won’t need as large a cutout. Additionally, there are rumors that Apple will rename the mute switch to the ‘Action’ button, aligning it with the similar button on the Apple Watch Ultra.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Case #apple #iphone #iphone15promax pic.twitter.com/DfRuoXWNiLJune 24, 2023

Lastly, the bottom of the iPhone 15 Pro appears to house a larger connector cutout. This is likely due to Apple’s expected adoption of USB-C on the iPhone, in response to EU regulations.

Other miscellaneous changes include larger camera and microphone cutouts, and slightly repositioned power and volume buttons.

What we expect from the iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro is expected to be an iterative update over the iPhone 14 Pro, with Apple upgrading the processor in its new Pro handset from the A16 used in the iPhone 14 Pro to the A17. The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will also get a chip upgrade over their predecessors, from the A15 to the A16.

In addition to that change, the iPhone 15 series, as a whole, is rumored to be adopting USB-C charging; a change that, as we mentioned previously, is being driven by EU regulations. Finally, the iPhone 15 Pro is said to be gaining a periscope zoom lens, similar to the one on the Google Pixel 7 Pro. It would be the first iPhone to feature such tech since the company started using a triple rear camera system, beginning with 2019’s iPhone 11 Pro.

We’ll learn which of these and various other rumors are accurate in September, when the iPhone 15 range is expected to launch, alongside iOS 17.

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