Keep cyberthreats at bay with Avast One Essential

Cybercriminals are always on the prowl for new targets, and unsecured devices are easy pickings or low-hanging fruit. Having the right security protection is vital, but with so many options on the market today, how do you know which is right for you?

Avast One Essential looks to be your all-in-one online guardian, offering everything you need to stay safe in the face of ever-changing cyberthreats. Far from just your standard antivirus, Avast One Essential looks to offer a range of tools aimed at helping keep you protected – and for a price you won’t believe.

Security often used to just mean an antivirus, but Avast One Essential goes beyond that with its protective platform.

Users will get on-demand scans and real-time protection against viruses and other malware, blocking threats before they have a chance to infiltrate your device. Avast can rely on its widespread intelligence network, which utilises the latest information on threats faced by other Avast users around the world, helps bolster its protection, keeping you safer from the very latest cyberthreats.

All of this is backed up by an advanced firewall and cookie tracker blocker that helps keep you safe and private when browsing online, meaning you can shop and bank more safely, even when using public Wi-Fi networks that may lack the proper protection. The platform’s connection and network advisor tools are able to recommend when you might be connecting to a dodgy network, helping keep your data protected.

To help make sure your browsing also stays safe from prying eyes, Avast One Essential includes a VPN to disguise what sites and pages you visit. Covering 5GB of traffic a week, the VPN will also help secure the data you send and receive over Wi-Fi connections without affecting your browsing speed, giving an added bonus for those who might be on the move a lot.

The platform of Avast is also able to scan known data breaches for compromised passwords, flagging any issues for those of us who might still re-use the same logins across multiple accounts.

Avast One Essential works across Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, meaning you can ensure all your smartphone and PC devices remain secure, even though not all features are available on all operating systems or platforms.

So how much will all this set you back? You might think that, given the wide range of tools and services included, Avast One Essential will be a drain on your wallet – but you’d be wrong. All this is provided free of charge – that’s right, you won’t have to spend a single penny to keep your defences up.

If this sounds like the ideal addition, then check out all the details around Avast One Essential here.

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