Junji Ito-inspired horror game World of Horror has mysteries and horrors

New Junji-Ito and Lovecraftian horror game World of Horror is set to release later this year, and so far the retro horror RPG looks like it’ll be more than just an unsettling game. 

This year’s already been very kind to horror fans with the likes of Amnesia: The Bunker and The Outlast Trials providing some spine-chilling content. But thanks to publisher Ysbryd Games and developer Panstasz the fun isn’t over yet. 

World of Horror’s release date is confirmed for October 19, 2023, and will be available on PC, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. What better way to spend your October than by having “a Horrifying Halloween with the Old Gods”? 

Set in a small seaside town, this roguelike is reminiscent of the unsettling fictional town named Kurouzu-cho seen in Junji Ito’s popular spiral-centric horror manga series Uzumaki. The art-style of World of Horror is also clearly a homage to Junji Ito’s works as it emulates a manga in its grainy vintage Macintosh graphics. 

The announcement trailer that was released four years ago first showcased the queasy nature of this upcoming horror roguelike. The minute-long trailer depicted mysterious threats of “unspeakable monstrosities” and “arcane rituals” lurking behind every corner. There’s creepy masked killers, strange cases of wiggling worms in jars, and vomit-inducing impromptu eye surgery, the trifecta for any self-respecting horror game. 

There are plenty of clues and trinkets to be found so be sure to explore every corner of this dying town

World of Horror contains all the expected trimmings of a roguelike. There are 14 unlockable characters who’ll impact each playthrough in various ways, such as changing stats or perspectives on the horrors that you encounter. Each fight will be turn-based, providing options to kick, punch, or scavenge for makeshift weapons. There are plenty of clues and trinkets to be found so be sure to explore every corner of this dying town.  

There are also 20 curated mysteries for you to explore with procedurally generated events that will force you to manage your health and sanity in unfathomable settings plagued by curses and terrifying encounters that’ll test even the best survival instincts. However, if the 20 mysteries aren’t enough to satiate your hunger for horror then you’ll be glad to hear that PC players will have access to modding tools to create custom mysteries. 

World of Horror has the potential to climb its way onto our best horror games list with its vintage and eerie art style and cosmic horror-esque mind-bending narrative. If you’re a fan of Junji Ito’s sickening horror or out-of-this-world mysteries then this is one to look forward to.  

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