Hyper Light Breaker shows off dazzling new trailer at Day of the Devs

Anticipated indie title Hyper Light Breaker is coming to early access later this year, announced at Day of the Devs, part of the E3 2023 announcement season.

This 3D action game is the latest in the beloved indie series, shifting the action to a fully three-dimensional world with unlockable characters, a seemingly deep combat system and a variety of enemies to fight.

No release date has been announced for Hyper Light Breaker as of yet, but you can wishlist the game over on it’s Steam page. It’s also currently unclear as to which platforms Hyper Light Breaker will launch on. Though likely, it’ll be console-bound after its Early Access period on Steam.

As was the case with Hyper Light Drifter and Solar Ash, the game boasts a phenomenal art style. Bright, vivid colors rule the day here, but there’s a number of grittier environments to navigate through, too, by the looks of it. Fitting, as the game’s developer, Heart Machine, describes its world as “vivid, but bleak,” adding that it can be “brutal and beautiful all at once.”

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for Hyper Light Breaker to launch. The Steam page has the game labeled as early access, so it’ll likely initially release in such a state.

That said, the game’s already looking suitably polished between its gorgeous visuals and slick combat. Hopefully, then, developer Heart Machine could land Hyper Light Breaker on our best indie games list in future should the final product look and play as good as it does.

Hyper Light Breaker brought a lot of energy to the Day of the Devs showcase, but there were plenty of other highlights during the presentation. Helskate looks to be a devilishly cool successor to the Tony Hawk franchise. Meanwhile, anticipated indie Viewfinder got a mesmerizing new trailer as well as a release date.

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