Have the ultimate cinematic experience with Samsung’s new Q-Series soundbars

Sure, having a bright and brilliant TV is fantastic, but an underwhelming sound experience can go a long way to ruining your home cinema. 

Soundbars are a fantastic solution, fitting neatly beneath your big screen and packing a real punch for audiophiles. 

The minds at Samsung are behind some of TechRadar’s favourite soundbars, and its innovative Q-Series technology has really upped the ante in recent years. That’s why two new entries to Samsung’s line up of brilliant soundbars are making waves; the Samsung Q990C and the Q800C. 

Here’s a closer look at what makes these soundbars so perfect for cinematic viewing.

Packed with Q-Series technology

Samsung’s newest soundbars utilise the latest and greatest software upgrades, all of which add together to make for a beautiful, rich, and precise listening experience. 

Dolby Atmos is fast becoming the next step for home cinema, and you will find it on all of Samsung’s Q-Series range. Through the combination of Samsung sound innovation, and Dolby technology, sound effects are projected all around your living space to replicate that cinematic feeling. Thanks to the upfiring speakers in the soundbar, you will be immersed in the action just as the director intended

The Q990C and Q800C

While both soundbars offer similar technical capabilities, each comes with its own strengths depending on your needs.

If you’re looking to complete your home cinema set-up, look no further than the 11.1.4-channel Q990C, Samsung’s most cinematic soundbar. Its predecessor, the Q990B has maintained a strong position in TechRadar’s running for the best soundbar for good reason, and this newer model is based on similar principals.

Its two wireless rear speakers come included to create incredible immersion and surround sound with upfiring and dual side-firing capabilities. Along with the subwoofer and sound bar, these make for 22 speakers overall, offering a well-rounded home cinema experience with precise surround sound, perfectly tuned by the award-winning Samsung Audio Lab.

On the other hand is the Q800C, offers 5.1.2 channel sound and Samsung’s best sound quality without the need for rear speakers. Instead, two dual-sided speakers on the edge of the soundbar spread sound to create a panoramic experience to die for. This 11-speaker soundbar is perfect for upping the ante with your at-home cinema, no matter your room size.

Perfect pairing

While the soundbars speak for themselves, it’s true that they can really sing when paired with a compatible Samsung TV thanks to Q-Symphony technology. When you pair one of Samsung’s Q-Series soundbar with a compatible 2022/23 Samsung TV* you will hear sound from both devices, making it the perfect set-up for a movie night. Syncing both devices is done automatically so you can sit back, relax and enjoy a heightened viewing experience without needing a complicated setup.

Take, for example, one of Samsung’s latest models, the 2023 QN900C 8K Neo QLED TV. Powered by Quantum Dot for a naturally bright and colourful picture, these screens offer naturally bright and vibrant picture. Pairing this with Samsung’s powerful Q990C soundbar, with the help of Q-Symphony you will hear cinematic sound from 30 speakers as opposed to 22 delivered by the soundbar alone. Pretty good for a movie night, right?

This TV also comes with Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound Plus, and with its 8 speakers is already a tour de force of audio brilliance. But with the Q990C or Q800C in tow? Raw, unadulterated cinematic brilliance.

If this sounds like the perfect set-up for you, there’s good news; For a limited time, you can save a massive £250 on Samsung soundbars when buying a Samsung TV via Currys so if you have dreams about setting up the perfect home cinema, there’s never been a better time to do so.

That’s not where the smarts stop; the Q990C and Q800C both come with SpaceFit Sound Pro technology, utilising a built-in microphone to listen to the acoustics in your room and automatically adjust the equalisation of your soundbar and subwoofer to optimise the sound. All those hours of tweaking settings and systems? Wasted, no more. 

Both soundbars also come with Samung’s most impressive subwoofer to date – a whopping 8-inch subwoofer will amplify the bass, padding out the highs with hearty, strong audio power perfect for blockbuster action.

*Q-Symphony is compatible with 2022/23 Samsung TV (BU8000 TV and above, and The Frame). For a complete list of compatible models, please refer to Samsung.com for more information.

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