Explore a desolate world and make it your home in crafting game Distant Bloom

The slow-paced relaxing alien management game Distant Bloom’s new trailer makes me very excited to restore this dying planet’s plant life. 

This cozy management and exploration game got yet another trailer at the Future Games Show Summer Showcase. The trailer is a quiet look into the life of a space explorer who’s settled down and made this planet their home. It follows a character plants flowers, harvest crops, and build structures, all to make this foreign world more inhabitable. 

The goal of this calming game is simple: restore the planet to its former beauty by harvesting and planting flowers and crops all over the alien world. The art style is subtle and the music is relaxing so despite the magnitude of your task this game will be enjoyable no matter what. 

Every choice you make will have an impact on the world around you in Distant Bloom, meaning you truly shape the future of the planet and its inhabitants; so choose wisely as you navigate the world’s luscious landscapes.

Distant Bloom will be available to play on PC via Steam and is set to be released sometime later this year. I can only hope that, unlike the unexpectedly harsh lessons of Slime Rancher 2, this exploration game will keep on being a relaxing haven full of life and adventure. 

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