Dell wants your business to buy even more tools as a service

Dell has revealed what it believes is, “the industry’s most comprehensive as-a-Service and multicloud portfolio.”

Its Dell APEX Cloud Platforms are designed to support multicloud, comprising its own infrastructure, software, and cloud operating stacks, built to work with Microsoft Azure, Red Hat OpenShift, and VMware. 

The company also hopes that customers will choose it as their multicloud partner when pairing it with public cloud, thus AWS is compatible with its Block Storage and File Storage, while Azure also works with Block Storage.

More ways for Dell to take your money

The company that many of us will associate with laptops and other hardware has been busy conjuring up a number of ways that it can attract you as an -aaS provider.

Promising to boast “predictable” pricing, but nevertheless requiring a monthly subscription, Dell APEX Compute offers up bare metal compute resources for virtualized or container-based environments. Ongoing payments aside, this may still prove a more cost-effective way for some companies, who may not require long-term ownership of their own resources and therefore can benefit from short-term leasing.

Finally, looking to break into the SMB world with less of an emphasis on enterprises, the Dell APEX PC-as-a-Service (PCaaS) offers up devices, monitors, and peripherals for a monthly fee and no upfront payment. The deal can also include software and other services and is based on one to five-year terms.

APEX Computer and APEX PCaaS are now available in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific as the company hopes to capitalize on returning customers, along with APEX Block and File Storage for AWS. Other APEX-branded products are set to roll out over the remaining months of 2023.

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