Amazon Prime Day electric toothbrush deals: What to buy in 2023

Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity to snag yourself a new electric toothbrush. These high-powered devices can clean away more plaque than a manual toothbrush can. Although the actual sales event hasn’t started yet, it’s a good chance to get clued up on what to buy, when the sales begin, and how to get the best deals. 

When you’re browsing the best electric toothbrushes online, it can be difficult to tell what’s truly good value: there’s just so much jargon around toothbrushes, complicating a seemingly very simple action, which can make it difficult to identify the really good deals. Many toothbrushes also seem almost artificially inflated in price. 

So which of the Amazon Prime Day deals are really any good? Fortunately, we’ve written enough about electric toothbrushes to really know our stuff, and we’re on hand to tell you when the deals are happening, how to spot a good value discount, and we’ve got some examples of last year’s discounts. 

Today’s best electric toothbrush deals

 No matter where you live, you’ll find all the lowest prices for top electric toothbrushes like Oral-B, Philips Sonicare and more from around the web right here, with offers available where you are.

Today’s best Oral-B iO deals

Today’s best Oral-B iO, Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige, Philips Sonicare Essence 5600, Philips Sonicare 2 (HX6211/04) and Philips Sonicare DailyClean 1100 deals

Amazon Prime Day electric toothbrush deals: FAQs

When will Amazon Prime Day electric toothbrush deals be available?

Amazon Prime Day 2023 is actually a sales event stretching across two days, 11-12 July 2023. From one minute past midnight on 11 July, you’ll be able to take advantage of some great bargains on electric toothbrushes which usually cost hundreds of dollars or pounds. We’ll be online recommending all the deals we can find, from the ultra-premium Oral-B iO Series 10, to the cheap-and-cheerful Colgate Hum series.

Deals that disappear over the course of those two days, known as Lightning deals, might not come back again during the sales event, so if you see a discount on a toothbrush you like, there’s not much point closing your browser and checking again in a few hours’ time, as it may be gone. 

Instead, get clued up on the sort of toothbrush you might want in the days prior to the sale, so you know what to look for when the deals do appear. Some very early deals also crop up in the days leading up to the sales event, presumably so Amazon can entice more people to start checking the site for the discounts they want ahead of time.


Do I need to get Amazon Prime to get the best electric toothbrush deals?

Yes, to put it bluntly. Amazon loves to run sales events exclusive to Prime members in order to entice people to sign up to its premium service, so some discounts will be hidden from, or inaccessible to, non-Prime members.

Fortunately, it’s great value if you’re a regular Amazon user, but you can cancel after the event is over if you don’t want to pay that $14.99 / £8.99 / AU$9.99 subscription service price. More on that in a minute. 

Which electric toothbrush should I buy on Amazon Prime Day?

That’s a tough one, and it will all depend on your budget and needs. If you’re prepared to spend hundreds of pounds or dollars, you’re likely to get a much bigger discount (for example, in the US, you might get a $400 toothbrush marked down to $250) than you would on a cheaper toothbrush, so the more you spend, the more you’ll save. An Oral-B iO Series brush, is probably your best best.

However, when it comes to cheaper toothbrushes, you might be able to get brushes like the Colgate Hum or Ordo Sonic+ for half price or more. Don’t forget about replacement heads either, as bundle deals will crop up: shop right, and you could get a year’s worth of brushing on the cheap. 

How to get access to the Amazon Prime Day electric toothbrush deals for free

When you sign up to Amazon Prime, you get your first 30 days with the service free. When you’re finished shopping the deals, you can simply cancel your Prime subscription before the 30-day mark and you’ll never have to pay a thing for the service. 

However, it is a good opportunity to see what you get with Amazon Prime, including Prime Video (one of our best streaming services), Priem Music, Gaming and of course free delivery from Amazon itself. More about this below:

Last year’s Amazon Prime Day electric toothbrush deals

Below are a few examples of the deals that came up last year in the UK and the US. This should give you a good indication of the discounts that will be on offer this time. 

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