A.I.-Generated News, Reviews and Other Content Found on Websites

Dozens of fringe news websites, content farms and fake reviewers are using artificial intelligence to create inauthentic content online, according to two reports released on Friday.

The misleading A.I. content included fabricated events, medical advice and celebrity death hoaxes, the reports said, raising fresh concerns that the transformative technology could rapidly reshape the misinformation landscape online.

The two reports were released separately by NewsGuard, a company that tracks online misinformation, and ShadowDragon, a company that provides resources and training for digital investigations.

“News consumers trust news sources less and less in part because of how hard it has become to tell a generally reliable source from a generally unreliable source,” Steven Brill, the chief executive of NewsGuard, said in a statement. “This new wave of A.I.-created sites will only make it harder for consumers to know who is feeding them the news, further reducing trust.”

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